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If you are thinking about marriage, and aren’t sure about the “forever” or “til death do us part” aspects of traditional marriage, this show is for you. You won’t want to miss hearing how Annmarie and Joseph have created a marriage that has challenges the norm and beat the odds. (Podcast will be available soon!)
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Coming Soon! The Five Year Marriage book!

Stay tuned, Annmarie’s latest book, The Five Year Marriage, is due for release in June!

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The Marriage Gap

When it comes to goals, I’m the thinker. I’m goal-oriented. I like to set goals and makes plans. Joseph is different. A lot of his goals are in his head. He’s not as good at articulated what he wants. So, … Continue reading

Is a Five Year Marriage a sin?

The Five Year Marriage could be a sin, or at least be against the teachings of the Catholic Church. That’s according to “Rita” who teaches Catholic Pre-Cana Marriage Prep classes. Rita read an advance copy of the book, Five Year … Continue reading

Do You Read Advice Columns?

I get a kick out of reading advice columns and, recently, it was Carolyn Hax column. The title grabbed me: “Reexamine goals with ‘aimless’ husband.” It was about a problem that is pretty common i marriage – unclear expectations. The … Continue reading

Marriage and Money: Are You on the Right Track?

Marital Finances are one of the most important parts of a marriage partnership. Marriage and money go hand in hand. If a couple works together and plays their cards right, marriage can often be a financial boon. The key is … Continue reading

No Sound, No Fury, No Marriage

As I was reading author Laura Pritchett ‘s May 2016 article for the New York Times, I wondered: What would have happened if she has a Five Year Marriage? In No Sound, No Fury, No Marriage, Ms. Pritchett described her … Continue reading

A Marriage Phrase that Pays?

Is there such a thing as a marriage phrase that pays? Pays what? Pays in fostering more love, good feelings, a sense of partnership? While we all like hearing “I Love You” in marriage, it might not be the most … Continue reading